Big Cypress Swamp

In my recently trip to Miami I decided to drive to the Big Cypress Swamp National Preserve in the subtropical Florida. It is not only the home of the great fine art photographer Clyde Butcher, and the natives of America Miccosukee and the Seminole. The wet cypress forest is the homeland of a very diverse flora and fauna. The land is made up of marshes, prairies, mangrove forests, orchid, alligators, mixed hardwood hammocks and a variety of birds among others. Today the park is covered mostly by dwarf pond cypress. The remained giant cypress or bald cypress (not too many thanks to the lumber industry) can live up to 600 years old. They are very popular in the Southern states and they are know for their shape, Spanish moss and buttress trunk. The following pictures were taken with a 35mm digital camera and unfortunately they don't show the beauty and details of this amazing place.
Spanish Moss

Bald Cypress

Looks like a bird nest but it is a Bromeliad