Investing in Women and Girls

The two images below have been selected as finalist in the 2012 international photo competition "Investing in Women and Girls" by Colors of  Life and in conjunction with The World Bank Law, Justice and Development Conference week. The winners will be announced on December 10th at the opening of the exhibition at The World Bank in Washington DC.

Mine Worker - Oruro, Bolivia

Salineras Workers - Sacred Valley, Peru


Gloomy day in Malibu

My images for Long Shot 2012 competition. A very fun idea of Photo Center Northwest in Seattle, WA. 24 hours, hundreds of photographers, shooting between June 1-2, from 6 PM to 6 PM with any camera, any format, anywhere.

They also will be showcase on August 8th at PRO'JEKT LA. A Lucie Foundation, curated, outdoor photography projections all of the city.


One of my photos from the series "Gloomy day in Malibu" is in the group show "Hometown"
at Feature Shoot blog.


Latin America Vision of LA

Neca Dantas - "City of Angels" Born in Brazil, Dantas is an emerging commercial and fine art photographer. After she graduate from the University of California with a degree in international relations, she decided to pursue her two great passions in life; travel and photography. Her work focuses on capturing moments that evoke the social and economic transitional feelings in the minds of Angelinos.


"Latin American Visions of LA" is a compilation of works by selected artists from the open call for LA based artists who were born in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Uruguay. This open call was organized by the ADC Contemporary & Building Bridges in combination with the General Consulate of Brazil in Los Angeles, the General Consulate of Argentina in Los Angeles, the General Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles and the General Consulate of Uruguay in Los Angeles. Sponsored by Argentine American Cultural Foundation (AACF). Jury CHRIS DAVIES - Publisher at FABRIK MAGAZINE, Los Angeles- CAT JIMENEZ - Executive Director at LUCIE FOUNDATION- ALEJANDRO PELAYO RANGEL - Film Director, Writer and Producer - Cultural Attache of the CONSULATE GENERAL OF MEXICO in Los Angeles - ISABEL ROJAS WILLIAMS - Executive Director MURAL CONSERVANCY of Los Angeles and DANTE SPINOTTI - Italian Cinematographer among his movies are Manhunter, The Last of the Mohicans Heat, LA. Confidential, The Insider, Wonder Boys.

ADC Contemporary & BUILDING BRIDGES International Art Exchange
Begamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave., Unit F2
Santa Monica
Los Angeles, California, USA 90404
ADC & BUILDING BRIDGES International Art Exchange is an organization established in 2005 , a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivate an understanding among cultures worldwide through international art exhibitions and artist exchange residency programs. The organization have developed a more focused tactic for cultural exchanges through art and international collaborations. The main mission is to have a powerful programs for exhibitions, workshops, and artists-in-residence , establishing exchanges among countries in order to strengthen international cultural relations and engage local communities while promoting new and emerging forms of artistic expressions. The program is providing the artists of our members countries the best possible support, information and opportunities for Art Exhibitions and exposure throughout the world. ADC & BUILDING BRIDGES has an exhibition- rotating system to highlight our shared cultures and establish fresh exchanges; every member country has access to different exhibitions, as well as the participation in International Art Fairs to promote their own culture and artists. The organization is guided by a Board of Directors with International members. 


"Family is Strenght"

The Mayor's Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development Community Action Team  among others local organizations sponsored last week event  "The Family Community Resource Fair" at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. A local afford to keep children out of the streets.





The weather in Southern California over the last couple of months has been very mild and it did affect spring and its blossoms. We had a few hot days but nothing like previous years. By now all the flowers should be gone. In a way it’s sad because our climate is going through so many changes and nature is so confused. In trying to adapt to new weather patterns, the park is experiencing a very late spring.

Today we are celebrating Memorial Day and the Griffith Park is in full bloom. Colorful wild flowers have spread throughout the park and with a large concentration on the trails and along the roads as well. A riot of colors makes for an enchanting experience when hiking or just going for a nature walk.

As a photographer, I sometimes wonder if people with their busy schedules have the time or make the time to notice and appreciate the richness and beauty of the flora surround them. I do make the time and what strikes me besides their beauty and simplicity is how they can live in such rash environment.


Spring - a celebration


Sugar Cane Harvesters

Sugar Cane--a tropical grass with tall, stout, jointed stems from which sugar is extracted. The coastal area of Pernambuco state in Northeast Brazil is also called Zona da Mata.  Its gets its name from the Northern Atlantic Forest of which today almost none exists. The littoral has a tropical climate, perfect conditions for sugar cane cultivation. It has been like this since colonial times when the Portuguese introduced sugar cane.

Mechanized farming is almost impossible due to hills.  In Pernambuco sugarcane is harvested by hand.  First, the field is set on fire. The fire burns dry leaves without harming the stalks and roots. Than harvesters cut the cane just above ground-level using special knives. Unfortunately cheap and seasonal manual labor is needed to work the land just as in times past.  But today, the land is not used for sugar production, but rather ethanol, as Brazil has the largest ethanol industry in the world.