Wine Tasting In Baja, California

It may sounds weird but yes la tierra de la tequila and bear grows and produces good wine. Not very far from Los Angeles is the scenic Guadalupe Valley in the Northern part of Baja. La ruta del vino is growing fast and becoming a fun and unusual wine destination. With a perfect climate ideal to grow grapes the small but promising wine industry, Mexico is already exporting world-class wine. The country is participating, and winning international competition.
This is my second wine-tasting trip to the Valley. I am not a wine connoisseur, but we tested some good wine. The most common grapes found here are Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard and Chardonnay among the whites, and Cabernet, Merlot, Nebbiolo and Trempranillo among the reds. Our trip was fun and not very challenger. Off course it is an assent if you speak Spanish, and if you don’t mind to drive dirty surface roads since most of the wineries are accessible only by dirty. It is not Tuscany but definitely a fun and adventurous trip with lots of Mexican charm. The casual, intimate atmosphere is the real attraction at Guadalupe Valley.
The Mexican wine industry began with the Spanish, who brought vines from Europe. In the 1900 with an influx of Russian immigrants into the area, the production grew. They cultivated grapes for wine and encouraged others to do the same. Most winery still young but today Mexican wine can be found in approximately 38 countries.

Highway 3 toward Tecate is the Wine Route. This scenic road cuts through the valley, and it is lined with vineyards, olive orchards, farms and all kinds of tacarias. Even a Russian bakery with its famous empanadas and breads can be found in downtown Guadalupe. Mostly of the wineries are small family owned and mostly of the time the person who is pouring your wine is the owner himself.

Our first stop was at Vinos Bibayoff, the only winery in Barra with Russian tradition.  At La Fuente Winery we tried a delicious Trempranillo wine; a variety of black grape, full-bodied wine native from Spain. The biggest winery is L.A. Cetto, founded by Italian immigrants. They are the largest producer of Nebiollo wines in the world outside Italy, and they export 60% of their production. Even Cuba gets a test of it.

I really like their classic white wine blanc de blancs. A mixture of 50% Colombard and 50% Chenin Blanc. Light yellow with fresh citric smell and flavors that confirm its fruity character. A delicious wine to enjoy with friends in a beautiful sunny day.

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