The weather in Southern California over the last couple of months has been very mild and it did affect spring and its blossoms. We had a few hot days but nothing like previous years. By now all the flowers should be gone. In a way it’s sad because our climate is going through so many changes and nature is so confused. In trying to adapt to new weather patterns, the park is experiencing a very late spring.

Today we are celebrating Memorial Day and the Griffith Park is in full bloom. Colorful wild flowers have spread throughout the park and with a large concentration on the trails and along the roads as well. A riot of colors makes for an enchanting experience when hiking or just going for a nature walk.

As a photographer, I sometimes wonder if people with their busy schedules have the time or make the time to notice and appreciate the richness and beauty of the flora surround them. I do make the time and what strikes me besides their beauty and simplicity is how they can live in such rash environment.


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